Biotechnology, Life Sciences and Pharmaceuticals
Contact Lead Recruiter: Adrien Stricklin
The Biotechnology, Life Sciences, and Pharmaceuticals division of United Recruiters works with the world’s most educated, trained, experienced, and desired members of the scientific community across the United States. We are thrilled to work with these bright professionals who are pursuing their dreams of developing, creating, and also selling the most advanced products in the world. United Recruiters has extensive connections to the best engineers, scientists, medical directors, pharmacologists, clinical directors, research managers, toxicologists, and quality managers just to name a few. We understand that companies want the best and brightest and we work hard every day to recruit these individuals for our clients. We have experience working with companies large or small and in many different areas such as diabetes, cardiology, cell culture, arthritis, toxicology, stem cell, and other regeneration therapeutics. Not all recruiters have the capacity to understand the complexities involved with recruiting in this scientific world, but we do!