Desk Specialties

We believe that to be the best, we must endeavor to focus our efforts so we can continue to learn more about the companies we serve. To learn more about the industries we serve please continue reading about our recruitment desk specialties below.

Japanese-Focused Manufacturing
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Did you know that Japan is 2nd to the United Kingdom in foreign direct investment in the U.S. with over $289 billion invested in 2011? This amount has substantially increased every year and continues to grow. The numbers represent a great need in the US for the best available talent with the correct language skills, knowledge, experience, and culture for working within a Japanese-owned company. We work with professionals on every level that know and understand the quality and determination that is expected from our Japanese-owned manufacturing clients. We have bilingual Japanese staff to speak with our clients and candidates bridging any communication gaps that often occur. Why bother screening hundreds of applicants when you know that we will definitely have what your organization is looking for in your next Design Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, Sales Manager, Engineering Manager, Plant Manager, or Translator? Whether your need is for a bilingual or non-bilingual candidate, we will provide you with the best for the job.

Industrial Automation
Contact Lead Recruiter: Ginny Ropp
The Industrial Automation Division works with companies that specialize in automation products and processes with the use of machines, control systems, and information technologies that reduce energy costs and improve efficiency. We have connections with the industry's top talent in all functions and career levels. We understand that this industry requires expert hands and minds to operate these highly technical and expensive operations. The main purpose of industrial automation is optimization and we guarantee that we have optimal talent for this industry!

Supply Chain, Transportation, and Logistics
Contact Lead Recruiter: Janice Denson
The Supply Chain, Transportation, and Logistics Division specializes in management and executive talent for manufacturing, transportation, logistics, warehousing, and supply chain companies throughout North America. Our staff's 25 years of experience in the transportation/supply chain industry grasps the concepts needed to understand how these operations work and what these operations look for in top talent. One definition of logistics speaks of "having the right item in the right quantity at the right time at the right place for the right price in the right condition to the right customer". Let us handle your “recruitment logistics” and you can be assured that your operations will be operating at optimal efficiency!

LED/Solid-State Lighting Design and Manufacturing
Contact Lead Recruiter: Susan Reed
The LED/Solid-State Lighting Design and Manufacturing Division specializes in LED (light-emitting diode), Phosphor related Manufacturing, and Solid-State Lighting Components and Fixtures. We recruit Design and Manufacturing Engineers, Sales Managers and Directors, Engineering Management and Directors, and C-Level Executives so our clients can focus on what they do best: developing and manufacturing the highest quality products while increasing market share. United Recruiter’s goal is to help our clients be on the forefront of the LED/SSL industry so we bring the industry’s finest talent to our client’s tables.

Healthcare/Senior Care
Contact Lead Recruiter: Adrien Stricklin
The Healthcare/Senior Care division is tasked with finding not only the most talented professionals in this industry, but also individuals who have the heart for caring for our seniors and disabled residents. We work with Senior Living Facilities, Nursing Homes, and other Healthcare facilities to find the precise individual to fill the void that our clients need to succeed. Whether your facility is looking for nurses, doctors, administrators, or directors we have the resources and the experience that you need to help ease all the burdens of the hiring process. We keep regular contact with the industry’s top talent and speak with hundreds of people on a weekly basis to narrow these groups down to a few distinguished professionals to present to our clients.

Healthcare/Hospice Care
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The Healthcare/Hospice Care division specializes in Clinical, Operational, and Administrative search for the Hospice, Palliative, and Home Health care fields. It is our mission to provide our clients with staffing solutions that positively impact their organization. We recognize the importance of client contact and relationship building, and we strive to be an extension of your human resources team. We understand that Hospice is a specified field, and it takes a certain personality type to really thrive within this environment; which is why our goal is to not only provide our clients with the best/most qualified professionals, but also those individuals that are dedicated to ensuring the wellness of their patients. Whether you are searching for a Clinical Liaison or a Medical Director, we have the seasoned professionals to fulfill your organizations needs.

Machine Tool, Metals Manufacturing, Mexican-based Operations, and Heavy Industrial Construction
Contact Lead Recruiter: Janice Denson
The Machine Tool, Metals Manufacturing, Mexican-based Operations, and Heavy Industrial Construction Division specializes in finding the best talent that these industries offer. As some of the oldest and most technical industries we serve, it is imperative that our clients receive candidates that are knowledgeable and experienced with the latest technologies as well as familiar with the specific manufacturing techniques, culture, equipment, and software used by our clients. This division has worked with a multitude of internationally-based companies, and can provide the most cohesive talent for the industries they serve. We understand the exorbitant amount of time, money, and energy that can go into properly locating, hiring, and training employees to handle expensive projects and machinery. Our team at United Recruiters can save you the headache and stress of the recruitment process by providing value adding employees that are highly qualified to invest into your operation’s future.

Life Sciences
Contact Lead Recruiter: Adrien Stricklin
The Biotechnology, Life Sciences, and Pharmaceuticals division of United Recruiters works with the world’s most educated, trained, experienced, and desired members of the scientific community across the United States. We are thrilled to work with these bright professionals who are pursuing their dreams of developing, creating, and also selling the most advanced products in the world. United Recruiters has extensive connections to the best engineers, scientists, medical directors, pharmacologists, clinical directors, research managers, toxicologists, and quality managers just to name a few. We understand that companies want the best and brightest and we work hard every day to recruit these individuals for our clients. We have experience working with companies large or small and in many different areas such as diabetes, cardiology, cell culture, arthritis, toxicology, stem cell, and other regeneration therapeutics. Not all recruiters have the capacity to understand the complexities involved with recruiting in this scientific world, but we do!